Lifted GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is already an immaculate truck. If you really want to take your truck to the next level, a lifted GMC Sierra is over-the-top, and sure to turn heads during your trek through Princeton and Newburgh. If you want a superior pickup truck, a lifted GMC Sierra installation is probably much easier than you think. In this article, we’ll highlight everything that goes into a lifted GMC Sierra so you can brainstorm your own ideas for your truck. 

What is a Lifted Truck? 

The idea of a lifted truck has been around for decades. Many people believe that it’s a craze that began in the 70s and 80s, but the idea dates back far longer. Even the original antique pickup trucks were lifted in the 30s, and modified by farmers with added cargo boxes to accommodate driving in fields. Lifted trucks also owe much of the design to pick-ups used in WW2. Soldiers need vehicles with a high clearance to travel across rugged, unforgiving battlefield terrain. These trucks were equipped with an extended suspension system and much larger wheels. Currently, anybody can create a lifted GMC Sierra with the right modification kit. 

How Do You Lift a GMC Sierra? 

Lifted trucks have modified suspensions to raise the height of the body. Typically these trucks are equipped with oversized tires of the off-road variety, giving them a towering appearance in comparison to stock vehicles. You can find lifting and leveling kits at any custom truck shop. Mount Vernon drivers have access to these kits through the service department at Romain Buick GMC, allowing you to fully customize your own GMC Sierra to your exact specifications. 

Owning a Lifted GMC Sierra

What are the advantages of owning a lifted GMC Sierra? For starters, a higher ground clearance opens up new avenues of travel if you’re off-roading. Adding the larger wheels and tires allows you to conquer tough terrain. Many people lift their trucks for their cosmetic value. It’s an extremely popular modification for many truck owners that commands full attention in traffic. Many of these owners enter their lifted GMC Sierras into competition shows against other trucks. 

Lift Your GMC Sierra

Have you been thinking about lifting your GMC Sierra? Contact the service team at Romain Buick GMC. We can help point you in the right direction and get your truck fitted with the right lifting or leveling kit! For more information, contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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