As the cold temperatures begin to melt away, it becomes the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for springtime drives and summer road trips around Henderson, KY. After the wear and tear of winter, your vehicle is ready for some much-needed maintenance. Learn more about everything our service center near Newburgh has to offer before scheduling your spring appointment today.

Why Bring Your Vehicle to Our Service Center in Evansville?

At Romain Buick GMC, we offer trusted auto service from certified technicians, allowing you to feel confident handing over the keys to your car, truck, or SUV. Whether your vehicle requires a quick tune-up or a more extensive repair, our team is up for the task. Plus, we only use genuine Buick and GMC parts and accessories to ensure a perfect fit on every replacement.

Popular Spring Services

Although maintaining your vehicle's health is important all year round, there are a few key services your vehicle needs after a long winter, including:

  1. Oil Change - Over the winter months, your oil most likely has become less effective. In order to keep every component in your vehicle running smoothly on the Mount Vernon roads ahead, you'll want to start the spring season off fresh with an oil change.
  2. Battery Inspection - Colder temperatures can make your vehicle's battery work harder, potentially sapping its charge and bringing it closer to dying out. Warmer weather could evaporate any battery fluids you have left. In order to ensure you don't need a last-minute jump-start, our technicians can test your battery and make any necessary replacements.
  3. Tire Inspection - Whether you're dealing with fluctuating temperatures or bumpy roads, you'll want to ensure that your tires are up for the changing seasons. After a long winter, these conditions create the perfect recipe for a flat tire, leaving you stranded on the side of the road instead of enjoying the warm weather with friends.

Schedule Your Appointment Near Owensboro, KY Today

If you're ready to prepare your vehicle for the warmer months, we encourage you to schedule your spring service appointment online today. Our friendly staff will be standing by to provide you with more information and answer any of your questions.

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